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We are manufacturers of wet wipes.

ES "Umytly Nesil" produces products in following brand names Saray, Kent, Freshmaker and Selin. We mainly produce cosmetic products such as wet wipes. We are also specialized in dry food packings such as cacao powder, instant coffee, sugar vanilla and baking powder. We are making this product affordable, portable and more useful. In a short time, our products approved our markets quality demands and needs.


Wet Wipes

Wet wipes for your daily use with various sizes and essence. To find more information please visit Wet Wipes section on Products page.

Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee for travelers and coffee lovers. For information please visit Instant Cofee section on Products page.


Cacao Powder

For chocolate and cupcake lovers cacao powder indispensable ingredient. For more information about our Cacao Powders please visit Products page.


Baking Powder

If you like to bake, we have baking powder for your needs. For information please visit Baking Powder section on Products page.

Sugar Vanilla

Sugar Vanilla

Vanilla sugar for your daily use in your kitchen. To find more information please visit Sugar Vanilla section on Products page.

Our Features

Customer Support

We care what our customers wants.

Custom Sizes

You can find various size packs.

Various Essences

Various essences for your mood and taste.

Various styles

You can always pick something different for your style.

Cleaning Guarantee

Our Wet Wipes provide your daily cleaning.

Pocket Size

Our products can fit in your pocket.

For Moms and Babies

We care your and your baby's skin.


All our products are alcohol-free.